TMS is a top-notch neurostimulation technique with promising impact on treatment resistant major depression disorder and other neuropsychiatric conditions. Based on experiences in interleaved TMS/fMRI, this project will develop an optimized treatment system that is easy to handle by clinical practitioners and tailored for each individual patient’s needs.

Eingereicht von: Mag. rer. nat. Martin Tik
Firma/Universität: Medizinische Universität Wien - Foto: (c) Martin TikMajor depressive disorder is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in Austria and worldwide. It causes not only severe restrictions to the patients and their acquaintances in their quality of life but also a severe burden on the national health system and economy. To cure as many patients as possible is therefore of major concern for the whole society.

If the newly developed system is launched successfully, it can be extended for further precision-medicine applications such as in other psychiatric and neurological diseases including schizophrenia, tinnitus and chronic stroke. By this, on the long run many patients can be helped who would otherwise have had suffered a lifetime.

With the possibility to make the effects of TMS visible in real-time and the concomitant progress of knowledge on TMS applications, we get the possibility to develop more fine tuned stimulation procedures that open the field for neuroenhancement applications.

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